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  • 9 October 2023
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Me and my two friends (18 & 19) are going on our first interrail trip next year, and i am a planner. so i’ve made a schedule and a map and now im making a budget. 

We are planning on either a two month or three month trip to 27 countries. 

My questions are:

What has your day by day food and hostel budgets been like max-min or an estimate (in general or per country)

Do you have travel recommendations such as hostels, sight seeing and food experiences. Name everything you’ve got as we will probably visit that country.

Do you have some tips and warnings for first time interrailers 

what to do and what not to do



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I would recommend not rushing, especially on a 2-3 months trip. It is even more important than on a 1-2 week trip. After 2-3 weeks you’ll be incredibly exhausted and will want to go home...

27 countries in 3 months is a new country every 3 days ! This is impossible honestly. I wouldn’t visit more than 10-12 countries and even then some are worth more time than others.

Set up a base instead of moving every other day. For example choose a Belgian city and stay a week there : all other cities are easily doable as a day trip.

Budget : I’ve accounted 100€ per person per day for everything (other than the pass) on my last trip to the UK and Ireland (2 people, one month).The UK and Ireland are not cheap countries so you’ll do fine with less than that in Eastern Europe or outside summer. In the end we used a little bit less than that.

Accommodation was booked in advance and non-cancellable but you could book flexible options if you prefer.

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for such long Journey´s i recommend even the “Base” System and haven then from there daytrips :) 
or plan atleast the “half wing” method to have every 2 weeks a destination with a bit more comfort and maybe a washing machine for your clothes (I usually booked them with free cancelation for the case i wanted to stay somewhere else longer) 

The budget really depends where you go and where you sleep :) Hostels are usually cheaper but appartments on (b** or Air*n*) can be sometimes better especially if you travel in a group eg.

In Slovakia a Hostel wanted 20€ per person per Night finally we found an appartment for 40€ per night in total.
I usually plan for my journey´s with 40€ per Night if i stay in Hostels. Eastern ones are cheaper Switzerland or scandinavia will be more expensive. 

Regarding food i have a foldable water heater+ usually look for Hostels/Hotels with public kitchen to prepare my meals on my own. Another option is to use the App “to good to go” (That app kept me alive in Switzerland where everything is quite expensive) 
To explore Switzerland it´s wise to stay near the swiss border in eg. Germany, France for example St.Louis (France) or Lörrach (Germany) near Basel.   From Basel you have then good train connections to explore switzerland. and in the evening use then the cheaper French or German Supermarkets & Restaurants