high speed trip from paris (montparnasse) to biarritz

  • 12 May 2024
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It is my first time using eurail. I will be traveling with my wife and three children: 2, 4, and 6 years old.

I will be traveling from Paris to Biarritz. I want to take the fast train that takes about four hours.  Can somebody tell me how much the additional charge will be to book this trip when I make the reservation? 

Also, what happens if I miss my train for some reason. Can I use the ticket for the same trip the following day or something like that?


Thanks so much!


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On French domestic high-speed trains the fee is either 10€ (limited number) or 20€ (until the train sells out).

A reservation is tied to a train. Sometimes you can cancel/refund it but often you can't.

If you miss a train due to a previous train's delay that's different of course. Staff should give you a new reservation or at least a proof of delay.

When reservations aren't required it's easier: simply take the following train and add the according journey to Rail Planner.


You shouldn't activate a pass day before you're at the station/about to board the train (with data). Once the pass day starts it cannot be cancelled.