How to sit together ?

  • 12 June 2023
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Hi! I need a little help to book seats with my friend. I did a little digging before on this community, but I haven’t found an answer to my problem.


But first context:

My friend and I won (separately) an Interrail Global Pass thanks to the DiscoverEU contest. We have mobile passes. 

 I tried to add her pass to my travel, in order to be seated next to each other (and also be on the same cabin in a night train). But after I entered her name and her pass number, it said: “We can't add this traveller to your trip because of different pass conditions. You have to book seat reservations separately."

But as I mentioned before, we have the EXACT same pass: same type of pass, same validity period (7 days within 1 month), same start and end dates.


Do you have any idea why it says that? How can I solve this problem?

If it can't work, is there any other way for us to seat together on the trains?


Thanks in advance for your help,

Charlotte :)


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Yes there are other way to book seat reservations ! They’re all better than : less or no booking fee, compared to 2€ per person per train on Interrail. Optional seat reservations are also way more expensive on Have a look here :

Most European trains have optional reservations, they do not cost much (3€) : sometimes a good idea (ICE trains in Germany for example).

Make a single booking for both of you.

You can get TGV seat reservations for free if you go to a SNCF ticket counter : this goes for all domestic routes to enter or leave the country.

Night trains are very popular and need to be booked ASAP. What would be the route ? Most can be bought on or

Let us know for questions mentioning route, date and departure time. :)



For the night train Zurich-Ljubljana, from july 6th to july 7th (20:40 to 8:09), on it says that seats, couchette and sleepers are available. But on, there are only seats.

Why do some night trains have not the same availability on and on 


Also : how does know that we have an interrail pass ? We only have to add the Interrail Global Pass discount ?

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Why do some night trains have not the same availability on and on

My guess: is buggy.

Also : how does know that we have an interrail pass ? We only have to add the Interrail Global Pass discount ?

That's it: you add the Interrail/Eurail discount and you select "One-way tickets” (NOT "Seat reservation only”). As a bonus, it's cheaper than on On, you only have to add the discount; you can't select the wrong search option.

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If you'd like a couchette, take the night train to Graz : 20:40 - 06:58 -> 31.40€ (

From there :

- S1 Graz Hbf - Spielfeld-Strass 07:10 - 07:59

- ICN Spielfeld-Strass - Ljubljana 08:04 - 10:05

Or spend a few hours in Graz and then the direct EC : 10:39 - 14:00

Either you use a second pass day or pay for a ticket (63€ for 2).

I'd recommend the couchette to Graz over the seat to Ljubljana

Thank you all for your help. I have another question

They offer couchettes on the Zurich-Ljubljana night train only when you book for 1 person. Is it because there is only one bed available left in each couchette ?

Make a single booking for both of you.

How can we be in the same couchette if we book it seperately ? We can’t choose which couchette. 

We would really like to be together :)

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Yes there is only 1 couchette left and 1 sleeper left. The only way to be together are the seats.

Or you take the alternative route via Graz :)

You can't book separately if you want to be together.

Ok thank you for helping me figure this out :)