I cant find where to apply my pass when booking

  • 27 May 2024
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My friends and I each bought a 5 day pass under the same account. I am trying to apply that pass to tickets, but I am running into the same 3 problems. 

  1. When I used the trip planner it said I needed no more than 5 travel days, now after buying the pass it says that my 5 days are not enough. 
  2. I cannot find trains that are on the website on the app
  3. I’m unsure if when I add journeys to my trip via the app and apply a travel day to them if that means that I have a seat on that train. 

For reference we are trying to travel from Amsterdam to Prague, Prague to Vienna, Vienna too Venice, Venice to Paris. I have read that it might be easier to book this directly through train companies and apply my eurail pass at checkout, but I’m unsure of what train companies to be looking for. 


Thank you in advance! :)


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The trip planner is rubbish, don't use it.

About trains missing: the app is updated less frequently than the website so it's "normal". Before your trip all should be in order.

For actual planning I recommend the DB Navigator app, connected to the European database.

Logging a train on the app doesn't guarantee you a seat. It only gives the correct amount of money to the train company. This process can be done at any point prior to boarding.

Seat reservations are separate. For the best places to book them have a look at this guide:

Note the multiple engineering works affecting your route (depends on the travel date of course!): Vienna - Venice in July and Venice - Paris all summer (Gotthard/Zurich is the best way).

Feel free to mention travel date/train if you need help and we'll gladly advise.