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Hey guys, we are traveling through Europe, but it seems that we already used our Inbound/ Outbound. The Problem is that we‘ve travaled from our home country Germany to the Netherlands, then back to Germany and now want to go to France. When we try to Check in our Travel to France it sende this error massage.



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Yeah, you can use only 2 days in your homecountry. It is a clear rule of Interrail.

You need to pay a ticket till the border. From there you can use your Interrail.

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You need to buy a normal ticket to the German/French borderpoint as you already have travelled on 2 travel days in Germany.

The outbound/inbound rule says that you only can travel on a maximum of 2 travel days in your country of residence. 

So i also have to pay a Ticket if i return from france?

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So i also have to pay a Ticket if i return from france?


Yes. You can not use that pass again in Germany.

This is the rule with all Interrail passes of any length, only 2 days use in home country. There is no way around this.