Inbound and Outbound journey on the same day

  • 5 April 2024
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Hello, I have a 10 in 2 months global pass and will only use the outbound journey to leave Germany. With 2-3 days left on my pass I will take a flight back from Barcelona to Berlin.


As the inbound journey will not be used with some regular travel days left, could I do another day trip let's say within the same day on another weekend from Berlin to Poland? To Poland early morning, back the same evening, although only inbound is still available


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4 replies

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If you have a mobile pass, then it will only use one in/outbound for such a day trip.

Does the / mean 'or' or 'and' ? So will one of these be used or both?

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Does the / mean 'or' or 'and' ? So will one of these be used or both?

Sorry if I wasn't clear. The app doesn't make a distinction between inbound and outbound, that's why I wrote "in/outbound”. The app just counts the number of "home country days”, i.e. the number of days you travel in your country of residence, regardless of the direction of travel.

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You can use these in/outbound day as you please during the validity of your pass. They do not actually need to get you outside of Germany as Rian said. For all that matters you could even use one for a random S-bahn trip in Berlin (although that would not make any sense financially speaking) !