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  • 20 May 2024
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Dear all


I just received an email about my trip from Rome to Munich

“In Italy, a strike is planned on 31.05.2024, 00:00 - 23:59. Train cancellations and delays are to be expected in the passenger train traffic during this period. As soon as we have any further information, we will pass it on to you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

So my booked ticket is for 27/05/2024= Roma termini - Bolzano Bozen → Bolzano Bozen - Munchen Hbf

After I received the email, I can see 2 trips on the website with exact same departure and arrival

  1. Roma termini - Bolzano Bozen → Bolzano bozen - Brennero → Brennero - Innsbruck → Innsbruck - Kufstein Bahnhof → Kufstein bahnhof - Munchen Ost → Munchen Ost - Munchen Hbf
  2. Roma termini - Verona Porta Nuova → Verona Porta Nuova - Munchen Hbf (this trip has exactly the same train code)


My question is, do I need to book a new ticket for the exact same train code but at a different station to transfer, or can I just use my booked ticket? Because option number 1 is not comfortable to change multiple times.


Thank you very much



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Hello, the strike is on 31 of May and you are taking the trains some days before. So no problem for you.


About the different changing stations. No you don't. Simply both trains go the same route between Verona and Bolzano. 

I would see if you can get intouch with the actual company, I would very much assume that your ticket would be accepted if its a strike day and has the same code, but please check with the company, and get the answer in writing! 


I have had issues with trenitalia when their customer services says one thing, the guard says another and without proof ie a transcript they just don’t’ believe you. 


Hope this helps!