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  • 19 October 2023
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Hello guys,

I have friends who want to come from Italy(Ancona) to germany(Erfurt) my first question is which ticket do they need or is this even possible? The next question is how much would the ticket be? And my last questions is how long round about will this trip take?

Iam looking forward to read your answers : )


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Sure, the journey is definitely possible ! :)

A possible itinerary : Ancona 09:25 - Erfurt 21:26 with a 40 min connection in Bologna and 30 min in Munich.

When would they like to travel ? I can have a look if you want. Advance tickets are rather cheap but as the name says you need to book well in advance. For a last-minute trip the Interrail pass could be better, especially if you're planning a few day trips from Erfurt. :)

EDIT : I had a look on (they can sell Italian train tickets) -> bought in advance, expect 100-120€ one-way (130-150€ in 1st class). If you're lucky maybe a bit less...

thanks for your answer its going to be at the 28th december so its a lot of time to go and they want to travel back at the  6th january

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Christmas time is a busy period so tickets are about 250€ return through The 05:20 departure from Ancona is the cheapest but well it's early…

If we set tickets aside there are 2 passes to consider :

- Global Pass : valid all across Europe on the selected number of days including 2 days in your own country.

- One-country pass Germany : this type of pass is generally only valid within a country but the German pass is an exception -> it includes the EC from Bologna/Verona to Munich (run by DB)

With these passes seat reservations must be added :

- 10€ supplement on the Italy - Germany EC

- 4.90€ reservation Bologna - Munich - Erfurt (optional but very recommended)

For Ancona - Bologna :

- either a regular ticket if they chose the One-country pass Germany

- 13€ seat reservation for the Frecciarossa or 3€ for the IC with the Global Pass

I'll make more concrete calculations when I have time. :)

I really apreciate your time

So they have to buy the global and german pass and also the reservations?

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No no, one pass is enough. :)

Some calculations :

Interrail Global Pass :

- 258€ 4-day pass

- 2 x 13€ Frecciarossa reservation/3€ IC

- 2 x 10€ EC supplement

- 2 x 4.90€ reservations

Total : 294-314€ for 4 days.

German Rail Pass :

- 181€ 3-day pass (206€ 4-day)

- 2 x 15-20€ Frecciarossa/IC ticket

- 2 x 10€ EC supplement

- 2 x 4.90€ reservations

Total : 240-250€ for 3 days.

Tickets were 250-280€ return so for 2 days.

Are your friends under 28 y.o. by any chance ? Youth passes would save about 30-50€ depending on the pass.

A sale is also likely around Black Friday for the Global Pass so they could wait before buying it (no need to have a pass in order to get reservations).

Do not hesitate for further questions ofc.

Thank u 

Yes they are under 28

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Ok then the first option would cost 230-250€ (4 days max) and the second one 206-216€ (3 days max).

Now they can choose which option they prefer. Of course if they were to need more travel days there are longer passes. :)