• 2 August 2023
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Can one Login to the Eurail Planner App?

If so, how?


If not, why?

Note: The ‘answer’ given elsewhere just says that the app does not ‘sync’.  It does not state explicitly whether one can log into the app or not.



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There is no login in the app.

It does ask for your phone passcode when you tap on “Show ticket” or "Details” under My Pass.

Are you stuck somewhere? If so, please post a screenshot.


I’m not stuck anywhere.

I’m just trying to figure out how everything works.

If I am traveling with my spouse is it necessary that she loads her Eurail Global Pass on her phone and I load mine on my phone?

Am I required to use the app, or can I just show my Global pass directly from the Eurail website?

Again, Thanks.

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Multiple passes can be loaded onto one phone/app.

However if you do that you will remove the ability to travel independently.


Yes, the app is required. The pass is generated in the app, the only alternative option is to buy paper passes instead.