luggage storage on trains and at Paris station/CDG airport

  • 20 August 2023
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I am an international student will be travelling from Nantes, France to Paris and I will have several pieces of luggage with me on my journey home.  One of my suitcases is very large.  Where will I be able to put that on a train?  I am worried that I won’t find luggage space as I will be travelling Dec 23rd...a busy travel day.  I want to be able to put my luggage in an area on the train so that I can keep an eye on it.  

Also, I was thinking storing my big pieces of luggage in Paris a CDG airport before further travel to other countries.  Can anyone recommend a good place to store luggage at this airport?  I will be flying back to Canada from Terminal 2 at that airport a few weeks later.  Or would it be smarter to store my luggage at the train station near the airport?  


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Depends on the train you’ll be taking. But usually no problem, plenty of space in luggage racks, overhead or at the aisles, even the bike spaces if it is really big. There are no limits on luggage. It’s not a plane.

On TGV with big luggage, it’s wise to try to board as one of the first passengers, so that you’ll have ample space in the luggage racks or under your seat (usually 20 min before departure).

When it comes to luggage storage in stations, that’s usually limited to a couple of hours, maximum a one or two days. In Airports it might be possible for a bit longer, but I don’t think you can use it for two weeks. Even if it would, it’lld cost you a lot of money.

It might be a better idea to travel a bit lighter and send some of your stuff for home forward in a package.

Hi Brendan, Thank you so much for the information.  I will keep your suggestions in mind.