Mobile Pass expired after four days because of not using the phone

  • 25 July 2023
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I commanded a ticket on April 9 2023 for 7 days within one Month  starting 1st June2023


I used this ticket for 4 Trips between 1. and 9. June and arrived in Nantes La Baule France.


There I spent some days with a friend and I did not use my Smartphone because I had no possibilty to charge it and we had no Internet Connection. When I wanted to look at my ticket some days later, I read that it was expired. For continuing my trip to Bordeaux and for my trip back to munich I had to buy new tickets and I got big troubles in the train. I could only show my reservations to the controller but I had no valid ticket on my smartphone.

How can I get my money back?


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If you're offline for more than 72 hours, then your pass becomes inactive. However, it becomes active again as soon as you connect with the internet again. So your scenario should not have been a problem.

What made you think your pass was not valid anymore? Do you have a screenshot?

The message "ticket expired” makes me think you saw a QR code from a previous travel day, which will indeed say that it is expired.

In any case, contact customer service here: