My country of residence is France but i would like to start my trip in Switzerland because I would like to have one stop at the other side of France before coming back, does it work ?

  • 16 June 2023
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Here is the plan : 

I live in France nearby Switzerland and I will start my trip in this country, activating interrail once I got there.

From there, I’m leaving for Italy, then I go back in France, but in Bordeaux, faaar away from home. The plan would be to go home using Interrail

My question is do we have two travel in the country of residence or does it have to be to or from an other country ? Because I don’t use Interrail to get out of my country, does it give me an extra one ?

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On 2 of your pass days (not extra days) you can take trains in your country of residence.

You can use them however you wish.

Btw if you're a French resident, you can get domestic TGV reservations for free by visiting a SNCF ticket counter : they're called Parcours d'approche tickets. (If they ask, tell them that you're going to leave the country.)

@thibcabe it was exactly the answer I hoped, thanks a lot ! I will do this then

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