Narvik to Stockholm - Reservations

  • 18 June 2024
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Hi. It still doesn’t appear to be possible to book seat reservations on the Narvik to Stockholm service. Have spoken to info office at Oslo and Bergen and they still have no clue when bookings will be possible. Does anyone have any further info they can provide. Bit worried there will be a stampede for bookings when available. We are hoping to travel from Narvik to Umea on Sunday 6th July. Any update would be much appreciated . Thanks 


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5 replies

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Hmmm, I had to look a bit, but according to this article:

Passenger traffic should have resumed yesterday.

I checked on the website of of and I managed to proceed to the bookings on the webpage, but not on other booking pages. Maybe the booking systems weren’t updated yet elsewhere.

I suggest to ask directly to the customer service of Vy in Sweden (not Norway! As the rail operators are a bit confusing since privatisation ;) )

But @AnnaB might know more?

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Hi. Thanks for that. I can see that normal tickets can be purchased through the site but not reservations on the interail or any other platform. Bit worried that they are limiting reservations for pass holders and don’t want to get stuck in Narvik and have to pay full price tickets. 

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Check out here about how to get the Interrail reservations:


Call the VY customer service.  There is a separate thread on this topic here : 


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Managed to sort reservations this morning but took a 55min wait on the customer call to eventually get through. Happy Days . Thanks for everyone’s help.