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i am travelling through Spain, France and Italy in August and i bought a 7 days pass. In Total we are driving 8 times with a train, so i need to book one Trip normally without the Pass in cash or by card.


So how do i book this one trip and can i just do it in between my pass? For example the 3rd trip by train from Malaga to Granada is the one i book without my Pass because it is the cheapest. How do i handle this correctly? Should i just create my Interrail Trip on the Planner app withouth Malaga?


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Yes of course, you may mix and match days with pass/days without pass.

You don’t log anything on Rail Planner basically. The journey will be done totally separately to the pass.

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You don't have 7 journeys, but 7 travel days. On a travel day (00.00-23.59 CET) you can board as many trains as you like.