New to eurail and confused!

  • 4 March 2024
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Hello! I’m new here and have a few questions on how this eurail works. 😅

  1. We’re flying into Lisbon and traveling to Lagos and then Porto and then over to Barcelona. We have to get the global eurail pass since we’re traveling between two countries, correct?
  2. How do we choose the ‘high speed train’ or ‘AVE’ in order to shorten our travel time?
  3. We essentially need to choose enough travel days for our pass in order to cover every day we take the train, correct? The days we use the train twice in one day will only count as 1 travel day. And the days we stay put and don’t use a train, we won’t need a travel day for?

    Thank you so much for you help!!! 

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  1. To travel in multiple countries, you need the global pass indeed.
  2. You usually need to book a reservation for them. Plan using or the DB Navigator app and check this page to see where to book reservations.
  3. Correct. For short/cheap journeys, you can also use regular tickets instead of your pass. Also, make a draft plan first, with timetables, to see how many travel days you'll need.
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Are those your only train journeys? A pass will likely not be good value but it's worth comparing.

Note that Porto - Vigo - Madrid - Barcelona is a very long journey, still doable in a day though! Lunch in Vigo (after the quick station change) and dinner at 10pm in Barcelona! :)