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  • 26 March 2024
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First time users of a Eurail pass as Seniors on a 10 Day out of 2 month pass with first class seating. I have downloaded the RailPlanner app and added my pass to that> 

We fly into Frankfurt on the morning of 25th April and intentions to jump a train straight to Paris
So few questions, of probably many

Do I add my wifes pass to her phone or can both be on mine,,just wondering as I will need to book seats and unsure whether to book one on each phone or both on one phone

We are hoping to get a Train around 8.30am from Frankfurt airport and from what I can see it goes via Mannerheim and then we take the express to Paris> it seems that I have to book seats from Mannerheim into Paris and pay the fee. Is the Eurail only site that we can do this or are their other online apps that we can add the passes too ?

Thats the first question,,next day we are off to Nice,,so one step at a time
We dont really need to go to Paris its just that it seems a shorter trip from Frankfurt-Paris-Nice as we are coming off a 17 hour flight. Is there another option that will get us to Nice in about the same time,roughly 8 or 9 hours staying in another City apart from Paris



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Reservations can be made on multiple websites, Eurail is rarely the best one as they add extra fees. Have a look at

They're totally separate to the Rail Planner app. You receive them by email (PDF) and show them at the same time as the pass.

General advice :

I wouldn't necessarily go to Paris (but you can of course!). There is a convenient daily Frankfurt - Marseille TGV : leaving Mannheim at 14:39 and stopping in Lyon at 19:56 and Marseille at 21:49. Reservations available through Rail Europe (desktop version) for 18€.

That way you have some good margin after your flight (as it would be annoying to miss a train with mandatory reservations). There are loads of trains between Frankfurt Airport and Mannheim.

The following morning you could take the 08:06 TGV from Lyon to Nice (20€) or even the 06:07 service (10€). Jetlag will probably wake you early... ;)

Feel free to ask anything.

Thankyou for your lengthy reply thibcabe. I will look at getting to Mannheim,then look at options heading towards Nice. I feel comfortable  travelling 4 to 5 hours maximum after long flights. Would be nice to see some countryside. I would like to avoid Paris if possible,it seemed the only option travelling 4 or so hours out of Frankfurt to get closer to Nice

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I could suggest staying in Strasbourg, it's a beautiful city. It would however mean a longer second day (direct TGV at 1pm or earlier departure via Marseille).

That way you're not set to a specific time on the first day either :

- any ICE Frankfurt Airport - Offenburg (every other hour with a change in Mannheim) reservations optional

- any regional train Offenburg - Strasbourg reservations not possible

Basically while at the station you log on Rail Planner the train you'd like to take and then you hop on. :)

In my opinion I might do that. You shouldn't arrive too late in Strasbourg and then you have time to relax before the long-ish second travel day.