Nottingham to St Pancras

  • 2 June 2023
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I will be taking the Eurostar from London to Amsterdam but I am unsure if my pass will include my journey to London. 

I will be travelling from Nottingham to London and then will be getting the Eurostar from London. Both of these journeys will be on the same day but I am confused as to whether it is only the Eurostar which I will be able to take on my outbound day or if any travel in the uk (my country of residence) is included on that day. 


Harry :)


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The poorly named “outbound” element covers an entire day of travel, so, yes your trip from Nottingham to London will be covered as part of the same “outbound” day as London to Amsterdam (based on what you said above about them actually being on the same day).

I say it’s poorly named because you don’t have to use it to leave your own country.  You could use it to spend a day going the length and breadth of your own country and be home in time for supper.

There are a number of poorly termed elements of the scheme and this is one of them.  If I was in charge it would be called an “own-country” day.

Thanks so much for your quick reply I really appreciate it!