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  • 3 August 2023
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I am trying to book reservations on the following trains:


1st October: 09:51 Berlin HBF - 15:22 Warszawa Centralna
4th October: 11:40 Warszawa Centralna - 13:53 Kraków Główny
7th October: 14:03 Kraków Główny - 19:49 Wein Hbf


For the first train I am getting a 'prices unavailable' error message. I have tried booking directly on Polish train websites but they can’t send my reservation ticket to my UK address, they can only send it to be picked up at a Polish ticket office but I won't be able to collect that if I am in Berlin.


For the other trains, prices are unavailable until 30/60 days before departure. However, I will be on my trip at this point so will not be able to get physical tickets sent to me.


Can I book my reservations directly at a German/Austrian or Polish ticket office when I get there? I am just worried that this will be leaving it too late and trains will be full. I am a female solo traveller so would like to have reservations sorted before leaving for my trip as I don't want to get stranded anywhere.


I will be in Vienna on 21st-23rd September and was wondering if I could book seat reservations for any or all of these trains in person at a ticket office then?


Thank you in advance for any help.


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Berlin - Krakow cannot be booked online. You can book it at any German ticket office or DB ticket machine, from 60 days in advance. Price is €4.

Warsaw-Krakow can be booked online on or at a Polish ticket office, from 30 days in advance. Price is PLN1.

Krakow-Vienna can be booked online on from 60 days in advance. Price is €3.

Reservations should also be possible at an ÖBB ticket office.

Thanks for your response. Can I reserve all of these journeys at an OBB ticket office or just the last one?

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The last one in any case, but the other ones should also be possible. The connection to the Polish reservation system is not very good though, since PKP introduced their new system at the beginning of 2022, so it may be the case that they fail, even with multiple attempts. But October is not high season anymore so booking a few days in advance should not be a problem.

I have picked up seat reservations in Poland, from a Post Office in Warsaw, as I recall. The system worked well. Leave plenty of time to find the Post Office and queue.