Rail Planner app statys stuck on "Stay informed" initialisation screen

  • 26 February 2024
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I had used the Rail Planner app on my previous trip with no issues. I've changed phone (now running Android 14) and have successfully installed the Rail Planner, it starts fine asking what pass I have (Eurail/interrail/none), but whichever option I tick, when I then click on the yellow "Next" ("Suivant" in french) button at the bottom, I get presented with a page "Keep informed" ("Tenez-vous informé(e)" in french), and whichever combinations of notifications I select, strictly nothing happens when I click on the "Save" ("Enregistrer") button at the bottom.

This means I can't actually get past this initial configuration, so have no access to the actual functionalities of the app, and hence can't use my mobile interrail pass I have just purchased.
Many thanks for any help in getting the app into operation mode !

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In desperation, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the application, and hey presto, the “Authorize” screen does appear, which then allows the app to start normally !

All good, might help someone with similar strange behaviour.