Ravenna to Venice on Saturday June 15

  • 16 April 2024
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I want to travel from Ravenna to Venice on Saturday June 15th.  We travel to Ravenna from Florence on the previous Saturday to take a cruise, and we are staying for two days following the cruise in Venice.  I was able to finalize all other train travel throughout Italy about a month ago, but this particular train is only showing a 6 a.m. departure from Ravenna on this date (and this is too early as we won’t have disembarked from the ship at that time).  I’ve been checking this route everyday for the last month and thought more times might become available today, 2 months out, but still nothing.


Does anyone know why this might be?  Any assistance is appreciated. 




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These regional timetables will not be shared with the international timetable center so you won't see them on any International planner (just the morning long distance train).

You may check timetables later this year at You may already check June 8th for similar timetables (June 15th isn't published yet).

But there will be a reservation free regional train e.g. to Bologna at least every hour so it's no problem to do this trip whenever you get to the station.