registering each train per trip and QR code

  • 9 May 2024
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I am planning a trip to Europe in September 2024.    I have a 2 month 15 day pass.     I am trying to figure out how to put my 1st travel day in.     ( I know it’s best not to obtain the QR code now).      I’m just want to see the steps

 I have made a travel day plan and saved it

 my eurail pass is activated 

  The train times I need appear 

  But I do not see how to attach it to my Pass

   I do not get to the “toggle switch” to choice the exact trains


  1. do I need to practice and choose “a travel day”
  2. If so Can I delete this travel day after I practice 
  3. my trains do not require a seat reservation 




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Dear @Casper1 

I am sure you can find the answers to your questions here: adding and activating your interrail mobile pass

Otherwise, please contact our customer service support and they will be more than happy to help:

Have a nice day!