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  • 23 February 2023
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Hello friends, I'm from Australia and first time in Europe this coming summer and first time using a 15 day global pass. I managed to reserve seats on Eurail for my first legs from Amsterdam to London then to Paris and added these as travel days but i couldn't reserve Paris to Barcelona train on 26/06. I checked everyday for the last few months and never could reserve any :(. So i bought full price tickets on SNCB website because i didn't want to leave it too late and the trains will be sold out. Should i have done that? I feel like Eurail doesn't work. Even putting in trains from Barcelona to Madrid the reservation doesn't work so I bought tickets on Renfe. My question is do I need to add these tickets i bought via SNCB and Renfe as travel days in my global pass? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 


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Paris to Barcelona does not have a pass holder quota anymore so pass holder seats should be available until the train is full. It's possible they will only open for pass holders 3 months in advance. Or you could call SNCF to book. It's unlikely that trains are sold out so long in advance.

Pass holder reservations for Spanish domestic trains cannot be booked online. Spanish railways 

If you use a normal ticket, then of course don't use your pass. You can use your pass days for other journeys.

Hello!! I was reading this answer and have my own question! Been trying to book Barcelona To Paris on August 26th and i can’t reserve any seats. Does this means the train is fully booked for Eurail pass holders? There is availability on many of them if you want to buy full price. Should i change my route or is there any solution? Are there seats left to reserve at the train station that doesn’t appear online ? Thanks everybody! 

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If there's availability for normal tickets in this train, then you can also book pass holder seats.

However, there currently seems to be a problem on the Eurail website with booking 2nd class seats on this train, so if that's what you're looking for, then it's probably best to call SNCF or one of the other operators that sell these reservations: