Reservation for Belgrade-Podgorica

  • 2 June 2024
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These night train reservations can only be made in person, so they sell out easily? Could I reserve a sleeper or couchette on the day, or do I need to be lucky?


is it the same both ways, or different?


also, I heard you have to get off the train at the border - is this true for the sleeper also? Do you change beds or something?


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There are reports of people who did get a reservation by mail but also reports of people who did not even got an answer. Seems to work better from Montenegro but still no guarantee.

Mail adress from Serbia: (but recent reports did say that they refused to do a reservation).

Mail adress from Monenegro:

In high season you need to be lucky if you do try it on the day.

For the day train, you need to change (Bijelo Polje) and it's just a Stadler Flirt and a CAF Civity. The night train is the only train that goes directly on that route without the need to change.

Feedback appreciated if you do try it to reserve by mail.