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  • 28 April 2024
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Good afternoon Canada time   my wife and i have a 1st class global pass  I have some questions regarding seat reservations

we are travelling to Florence from Rome Termini in September ., then onward to Agropoli, Parghelia and back to Rome.

If I check Rail Europe for seat reservations, I am given a price of $66.00CAD. If I book one way tickets to Florence from Rome, i have a price of $!30.00CAD total plus $2.95 per person for seat selection.

if I try to book seat reservations with Italia Rail the cost is 13,00euros per person. But it will not accept my old school pass number. 

I need help thank you


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2 replies

When I do check Rail Europe’s prices in CAD, I do get 19,30 CA$ for Frecce high speed trains (and that are the most expensive ones). If you do get higher prices per person you may just do something wrong when searching.

Did you add your railpass? (Bottom left)

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Good evening from Slovenia!

It should be €13 for each high speed train you take, €3 for Intercity, and nothing for regional trains. Plus extra if you want to select seats (where available).

On Rail Europe, you need to add the pass in the search box (on desktop site only).

If you post exact details of the trains you want to take, and/ or a screenshot, we’d can help sort it out.