Stockholm to Narvik not bookable?

I want to book Stockholm to Narvik with N94 on the 8th of August.

Thin week the message for releasing the summer trains at 14:40

But 2 hours later the trains were displayed with sold out.

The direction with N92 and N96 is also not displayed. 


Will there come  free places, or is this train really sold out.


And…How could I book it over the interrail tickets?


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The train is not really sold out. VY has problems with their reservation system. That's also why the VY night trains aren't bookable through SJ at the moment. Until VYs reservation system can "speak" with the SJ reservation system, you must contact VY Customer Support to make a reservation with Interrail.



Did you try to join vy ? Did it work ? I'm in the same situation and I sent an email but maybe I need to call them ? 

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