stolen phone with active global pass

My partner had her mobile phone stolen today in Rome. We are halfway through our trip.

I would like to add her pass to my mobile. And we do have the pass number. Does anyone have experience of doing this. It would be great to have any feedback before I try

Thanks for any help


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.Thank you! In this article I read the following:

If your device gets lost, damaged, or broken with your Pass on it, you can opt to move your Pass to another device. Open the app on your new device and go to My Pass to add your Pass using your last name and Pass number from the order confirmation email. When asked, tap 'Move Pass' and follow the steps to have your Pass moved to the new device.

This prompts the following thoughts and questions (fortunately, in advance! 🙂):

  • It seems I need to record my Pass number in my second phone for later use if necessary.
  • I would like to test this procedure now with my second phone, but I understand that one cannot have a Pass on two devices.
  • If my phone is lost, I also lose the SIM card in it, including the data access it provides. Must I therefore buy a new SIM card before I can add my Pass to this phone, or is there another way to go about it? Can perhaps Wifi be used, for example?

Greatly looking forward to clarification of this issue. (I travel in a few days time).




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See this article: