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  • 7 January 2024
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Hi I am travelling Innsbruck to Bologna

I have reserved my seat via obb app. On eurail app it says Not included on  italy pass. Supplement required.

Do I need to pay a supplement on the train or at Innsbruck station? Or has this been covered in my seat reservation.



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3 replies

There are a lot of informations missing.

If you did book a direct EC train, you don't need a reservation, you do need a supplement (for every type of pass) for 10 € 2nd class or 15 € 1st class (depending which class your pass is).

If you are holding an Italy pass and not a global pass, you do need an additional ticket for Innsbruck to Brenner.

Whatever you need: Buy it before boarding the train (available online (ÖBB ticket shop) or at the station).

I have eurail pass and train is ECB83

I have eurail pass and train is ECB83

Missing information that makes a difference:

Do you hold an Eurail one country pass for Italy or a global pass?

Do you hold a 1st or 2nd class pass?

What did you already buy for the EC 83 train? Just a seat reservation? How much did you pay?