Tent or no tent?

  • 1 June 2023
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I go to travel with my pass in germany, austria, croatia, slovenia. It’s a solo trip. I have to do my bag and I hesitate to take my tent or no. I want to go to the cities and in nature place. 

In the cities I think I go to sleep in hostels, but maybe I sometimes would to be calm.

I see that the bivouac is forbidden, but I think it can be cool to have a tent in camping.

But I hesitate because it take place in my bag.

What do you think about?

2 replies

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Depends on your preferences, if you like the adventure, why wouldn’t you?

In most European countries it’s forbidden. In Sweden, Norway, parts of Switzerland I think it’s allowed. Although you have bivouac areas in most countries where it’s forbidden, where you can stay legally. Mostly on nice and remote locations. I helped to build one some years ago, in the village where I grew up for example. The names of these zones, differ from country to country though. So it might take you a bit of research.

Otherwise just ask some random people (mostly farmers) to let you stay on their property so that you have permission. I did that a lot with my youth movement and it worked for like 90% of the cases.

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The tricky thing is to go from the railway station to the place where you can put up your tent. At least in Sweden you would mostly need to go by bus outside the city and you would need to know where to go.

But I am sure that there are Facebook-groups where you can find information about where to camp in different countries. 

In Prague and Berne I know of camping sites easy reachable by public transport.