i can’t book the reservation from wien to bologna centrale. i can see trains on the Interrail website but i can’t see them on ÖBB. please help me, this is the last step for our trip


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Buses can’t be reserved. We don’t even know the actual schedule yet.

It depends which train you’d like to take from Brennero :

  • RE reservation never possible
  • EC reservation possible (but not available at the moment, surely due to the engineering works)

Check in a few weeks on

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If there is no seat left you have to stand. In the bus you can't stand, because it goes via the motorway (A22) from Innsbruck to Trento. Timetable for the bus not yet published.


But I found out that if you start early from Bratislava you can get the RJ Vienna-Venice (only possible to find the timetable if you search via Villach)


REX6: Local train, reservation not needed or possible, hop on the train and find a seat.

RJ131: reservation optional, but 10€ fee to pay for italian part. You can get it via ONE WAY TICKET opion and Interrail/Eurail as discount.

FR: reservation needed (13€ via ONE WAY TICKET option and Interrail/Eurail as discount) or you use RV - regionale veloce - half hour longer than FR. They run every hour at xx:40. No reservation needed just hop on the train. 


Other possibility is with the nighttrain:

19:18 from Vienna and in Bologna arrival at 6:28 at 13 Aug.

i found out that the train Angelo suggested me starts from bratislava petrzalka, which is not the main station, and it’s 1h away from my hostel.

i thought about the buses but they don’t run until 4:30 A.M, and the train leaves at 4:15 A.M…..

so, i think rail replacements buses Innsbruck-Brennero are our last chance.

are timetables finalised now? do you have any type of information on how can i book a seat?

the nighttrain from vienna to bologna can’t be taken because this will be our last journey day for the interrail ticket.

thanks in advance for the replies 

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Yes they've been published. Have a look at Fortunately the journey doesn't take much longer.

You can't book a seat on the bus, simply hop on.

Seat reservations much recommended for Vienna - Innsbruck and Brennero - Verona/Bologna : 3€ per person on ÖBB.

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like ÖBB says trains via Brennero/Brenner will not run! Due to works. You can still go via Innsbruck and change there to a rail replacement bus (reservation not possible).

Or you use a RJ service Vienna-Venice and chage there for a train to Bologna.

Reservation is optional for RJ, RJX and EC of ÖBB. 

You have to pay a fee to use ÖBB trains in Italy. This is 10€ in 2nd class. You can book it via ÖBB online, reservation is 3€ more. Check here more about: 

In Italy compulsory reservations for IC 3€ and Frecciarossa 13€. R and RV can't be reservated.

the problem is that the train arrives at 20 pm in venezia santa lucia, and after that there are no more trains to bologna centrale


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There is a direct train between Vienna and Venice but it leaves at 06:18 so you can’t make it from Bratislava. Only option is to go to Innsbruck early and then take the rail replacement bus to Brennero. From Brennero there will be trains to Bologna.

Bratislava - Innsbruck :

  • either the direct RJX at 06:08 (arrival 11:44) 3€ seat reservation (very recommended)
  • hourly connection via Vienna (also 3€ seat reservation, very recommended)

As long as you make it to Innsbruck before 14:00 you should be fine. The last ideal train from Brennero would be this one : 16:14 - 20:16. There should also be a RE at 17:08.

Timetables are no finalised yet so please double-check in a few weeks.

thank you!!

i checked on the Öbb site and i can’t do reservation for the bus or the train that leaves from brennero

it says “tickets not available”

do you have a idea When and If the tickets will be available on öbb?

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You don't need always a reservation for trains. 

Reservations: Some trains needed, some trains optional and some trains not possible to reserve.

Ticket = your Interrail pass

reservation = to have a specific seat


hi guys

i see tickets prices are 9.40€ for the rail replacement bus and no discount ticket.

if i put the eurail discount on the öbb app, then it says “tickets not available”.

should i spend that money to be sure to find a seat on the bus, or maybe can i just hop on with the eurail ticket?

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Buying a ticket won't guarantee you a seat. Simply hop on with your Eurail pass which is fully valid.

Sit wherever you want.


just asking if rail replacement buses timetables are finalised???

if it’s not possible to reserve a seat on the öbb app how can i be sure to find a seat on that day?😕

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just asking if rail replacement buses timetables are finalised???

It doesn't look like it.

if it’s not possible to reserve a seat on the öbb app how can i be sure to find a seat on that day?😕

Try again later. At the moment, nobody can book a seat. It's still 2 months until your journey.