Train from Budapest to Amsterdam. Options?

  • 26 June 2023
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Hi, My friend and I would like to catch the train from Budapest to Amsterdam before we start our cruise. As the train ride is quite long is it possible to stop over in other countries?


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6 replies

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The Eurail pass gives you that flexibility yes.

The route will look something like this:


Or Vienna-Amsterdam directly by night train, saving you quite some time. When would you like to do this trip?

Hi Brendan,

Thank you very much for getting back to me!

That is a good question, we are thinking May at this stage. To do this would we get one pass or a pass for each country?? 

Could we stay overnight say in Vienna??

How much would the pass cost??


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May 2024, quite a long time left.

Tip, the timetables of trains in 2024 isn’t available yet, too early. Just try to look for trains e.g. next week, to get an indication of how much time it’s going to take.

Eurail Global pass will be your go to, one country passes are only good if you focus on one single country. The exact pass depends on your travel plans.

However, if Budapest-Amsterdam is your only train trip, it might be better to go for advance tickets.

If you’re completely new to train travel (in Europe) and the use of Eurail pass, best check this webpage below. Otherwise you risk to be confused with tons of information ;)

Thanks Brendan, that is a very helpful website 😀

Hi, sorry another question! 

When you say advance ticket is that where I would buy a ticket on a website such as ?? Thanks I’m advance 😃

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Yes or something like Rail Europe. Even better would be buying it at the national companies themselves.