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Hi, from Italy station tell me that with global pass I can't go to Paris from Italy. Is it true? I read that is possible to take an Italian train from Italy to Paris. Let me know ,thanks.


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What did you ask them?

In any case, you can certainly use a global pass to Paris, but not on Trenitalia's Frecce to Paris. But there are other trains.

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The direct TGV from Milan and Turin costs 30€ and it's quite a popular route so book well in advance. Unfortunately it cannot be booked online at the moment due to a bug on (but there are other ways).

It is cheaper to go via Switzerland : from 10€, 30 min-1h longer. If you'd like advice about this route, feel free to let me know mentioning travel date.

Sorry, but in the website of train I read that with global pass I can take all the trains but is important to reserve only the seat. I don't understand why I need to take only TGV to Paris.

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Because Trenitalia doesn't want to acknowledge the pass on its international route to Paris. Interrail is also not valid on .italo trains for example. It is up to the operator to decide. The vast majority of European trains are included so don't worry about that.

The TGV operated by SNCF from Milano Porta Garibaldi, Torino Porta Susa (better station for connections) to Paris Gare de Lyon is included. The seat reservation costs 30€, it is one of the most expensive available…

If you go via Switzerland and take a TGV high-speed train from Mulhouse or Strasbourg to Paris then it costs 10€ (limited fare) or 20€.

When would you like to travel ?

But I don’t understand because on the website they wrote that there are two travel one to leave Italy and one to return to your town.

I would travel on 12th August

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Yes on 2 of your pass days (not extra days) you can take as many trains as you'd like in your home country.

.italo and Frecciarossa to Paris are not included as said but you can take all other trains. You still need to pay the seat reservation costs within Italy :

- 13€ Frecciarossa

- 3€ IC trains

Mandatory seat reservations exist in France, Italy, Spain and on a few cross-border routes.

So you'd like to get to Paris on 12th August. What is your starting point ? As it is a Saturday, book well in advance.

I started from Reggio Emilia, the option is: I’ll go to Switzerland and then to Paris. 

Don't I need a reservation from Switzerland to Paris?

You didn’t mean to go to Paris when you talk about reservations in Italy, right? 

For Paris, I have two options TGV or Switzerland, right?


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Indeed the prices above are for journeys within Italy.

For Paris yes you either take the direct TGV from Milan or Torino (30€) or you go via Switzerland.

If you board the TGV to Paris in Switzerland it costs 29€. However if you board it from the first stop in France (Mulhouse, Strasbourg or Bellegarde) it's a lot cheaper. Let me make an itinerary then !

Option 1 :

- IC Reggio Emilia - Milano Centrale 10:24 - 12:15 3€

- RE Milano Centrale - Lugano 12:43 - 13:58

- IC21 Lugano - Basel SBB 14:02 - 16:56

- TER Basel SBB - Strasbourg 17:21 - 18:39

- TGV Strasbourg - Paris-Est 18:57 - 20:42 10€

Option 2 :

- FR Reggio Emilia - Milano Centrale 09:53 - 10:54 13€

- transfer (not included)

- TGV Milano Porta Garibaldi - Paris Gare de Lyon 12:10 - 19:14 30€ (almost full)

13€ vs 43€ :)

Is the train to Switzerland included in the global pass?

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Yes all those trains are included. Seat reservations are not a thing in Switzerland so you also save money. Simply hop on and sit wherever you want, train ends are generally less busy.

I've now given the 2 options. 30€ saved but 1h longer -> now you decide :)

Do not wait to book. The TGV Milan - Paris only has 2-3 seats left... due to a problem it cannot be booked on at the moment but you can call SNCF.

The IC to Milan can be bought on (no booking fee) : add Interrail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

You could also leave Reggio Emilia earlier at 09:53 (13€) and spend an hour somewhere in Switzerland in order to make a break, for example in Lugano or Lucerne. All trains between Milan and Strasbourg run at least hourly.