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  • 8 January 2024
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I’m attending a class in Poland and plan to travel around Europe afterward. Glasgow, Barcelona and Amsterdam  seem pretty straight forward.Leipzig, Turin, and Zurich are other cities I’m interested in traveling to, but the map I’m directed to doesn’t have them connecting to the EuroRail line. Does that mean,  if I bought a Global Pass I’d have to stop at a different city and then travel to these cities a different way? For example, would I need to arrive in Berlin and then find another method of travel to get to Leipzig?


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2 replies

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There is no such thing as a EuroRail line.

Passes are valid on (nearly) all trains run by the participating operators. Some with full validity, others with requirements for mandatory reservations on some trains.

List here

All the locations you mention are served.

This map gives just a summary of the main routes and places served, it is far from complete as the network in many countries is far too dense to be shown.

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Further tip, best use to find your theoretical journey times between your destination. In the planner of Deutsche Bahn, almost European timetables are included and it’s frequently updated.

Don’t hesitate to ask here if further questions arise during your planning.