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  • 30 October 2023
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I’m planning a Spring trip to Europe and want to take the train from Paris to Bastogne and then on to Koblenz.  Can’t find a train route listed for that route, is there one?


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Bastogne doesn’t have a train station, which is why you can’t find any journeys! The nearest station appears to be Libramont.

You can reach Libramont either via Brussels or Luxembourg. You would need reservations on the Eurostar or TGV. Slower options are available without reservation.

From Libramont, you need to take a bus - not included in the Eurail pass.

Thank you for the information.

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There are a little more options to get to Bastogne, it’s relatively well serviced by busses. You can go directly via an Express bus from Marloie, Liège and Arlon as well, or a local bus from Libramont as mentioned above. So plenty of options.

If you come from Paris, you’lld better go via TGV to Luxemburg, take the train to Arlon and than take the bus. Return to Luxemburg to head to Koblenz.

Until a couple of years ago, you used to be able to travel to Bastogne with a train ticket (but continue by bus). This was a temporary measure, instated after the “temporary” line closure 30 years ago. But this temporary closure is pretty permanent alas. Since two years you cannot travel to Bastogne with a train ticket and you have to buy a seperate bus ticket.

It’s way to early to find any schedule for next year in spring, but consult a couple of days before you want to go to Bastogne:

What you can do in the mean time is check the timetables using following links for a random day e.g. next week to check what kind of service you can expect. Probably won’t change much in that time.

and (for the busses in Wallonia, tickets are easily bought on the app of TEC)

You can use the planners for all public transport in Belgium and a lot of places in Luxemburg.

The busstop in Bastogne will be called Bastogne, place de la gare.