Travelling days when travelling Snälltåget from Berlin to Stocholm

  • 17 February 2024
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I have maked reservation Snälltåget from Berlin to Stocholm. How ever I did get two different seat reservation tickets: Berlin to Malmö and Malmö to Stocholm. Train is same but I have to change my seat and also the train number will change in Malmö. This happens different day than I step in the train. 


Does this transitional take two travelling days from my interrail pass?

Than you very much for your help!

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8 replies

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As long as the journey is added as one train without a connection then only the departure day will be used.

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It is the same train so just add it like one train in the Railplanner. You can do that manually if you can't find the train. However, if you filter on "night train" in the Railplanner, you should see the direct train from Berlin to Stockholm. 

The reason for this is that some couchettes only run Berlin-Malmö and some seating carriages only run Malmö-Stockholm. 


Could you tell me how you get your reservation for the Berlin-Stockholm ? On their website, they said : we have to write an email. Any other option to book a couchette compartment ?

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@karinka You must contact Snälltåget customer service to make an Interrail reservation. 

Thanks @AnnaB do you know if there is other nightrain between Stockholm and Berlin ?


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Thanks @AnnaB do you know if there is other nightrain between Stockholm and Berlin ?

There's also the SJ night train. Book on

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@karinka The SJ Euronight is st the moment only bookable until the beginning of April. Reservations for the summer should be available in the coming weeks.

Thanks ! I will check :)