Travelling in and out of country of residence

  • 2 April 2024
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I am a Dutch resident currently living in Paris. I will need to travel from Paris to Amsterdam on the 21st of April and return to Paris on the 22nd of April. I will then repeat the same trip on the 5th to 6th of May, and later again on the 12th to 13th of May.

I have been considering purchasing the Interrail Global Pass (10 days within 2 months). However, I am quite confused by the rules regarding traveling within the country of your residence. The website mentions something about inbound and outbound trips.

Could someone clarify if I will be able to use the Interrail pass for my intended trips?

Thank you in advance.


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You can only travel on a maximum of two travel days in your country of residence, so you will not be able to travel according to your plan.

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As @AnnaB says, you can only travel in France on two days.

I don’t think a rail pass will work for your itinerary, unless you have lots of travel planned outside France. You would be better to just buy tickets on the Eurostar.

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Since direct Eurostar tickets are almost all sold out (at least on your first weekend trip) it might be worth mentioning alternatives :

- Eurostar Paris - Brussels + ICD Brussels - Amsterdam (the latter train is cheaper and has unlimited availability)

- TGV to Lille-Flandres and then IC Lille - Kortrijk - Antwerp - Amsterdam

- TER Paris - Maubeuge, R to Charleroi, IC to Antwerp and Amsterdam

The latter 2 options will take longer but be cheaper, the first one is quite convenient imho.

Note that with Interrail (regardless of the inbound/outbound rule) there is a passholder quota on Eurostar services (+ 32€ seat reservation) and it's very likely sold out on your dates. Eurostar has a large monopoly on this route and they can do whatever they want...

Overall it won't be cheap I'm afraid : popular route, very popular time.

Feel free to ask anything.