Travelling with dog through Europe

  • 12 July 2023
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I live in Canada. Next year I’d like travel through Europe with my 35 pound mixed bulldog starting in London and ending up in Athens. For the leg to London I will be of course flying. For the rest of the journey I’m considering different options (including Eurail) with a focus on pet friendliness.  

  • My dog must be physically next to me as I travel. It can be leashed but not locked away somewhere in a cage. 
  • I will also require stops where I can get off for a few minutes for my dog to relieve itself. (no longer than 4 hours between stops
  • I have no problem paying extra for my dog to travel on trains in seat next to me.
  • My vacation isn’t just for me. I want my dog to have fun too not treated like a parcel being delivered.. I have no issue arranging my trip along a route where different trains can meet the above requirements 

Is there some sort of online resource or specific Eurail pet support line that can help me plan the specifics of my trip? (including national level regulatory requirements). Or do I have to call each national rail line and each national embassy between London and Athens to figure this all out?


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5 replies

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This looks like a useful overview:

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This page will be a good first start too :

Unfortunately you won't be able to take the Eurostar under the Channel. Good news : there are multiple ferries, I recommend the one to the Netherlands. Afterwards it'll be much easier.

Please note that the UK is quite strict with animals so do check that too.

You won't be able to take trains into Greece, they're not running for a few years. Solutions :

- bus from Sofia to Thessaloniki

- ferry from Italy

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 Based on the above replies, I’m assuming Eurail doesn’t actually provide any tools for planning trips with pets. Thanks to everyone for the useful links though. 

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No, rules are very different per train company and country.

Interrail/Eurail is just the provider of a limited range of flexible tickets.

Usually no problems though, I’ve seen dogs on many trains all over Europe, except not on Eurostar.

Usually a small supplement, or a discounted ticket. Always quick and easy to buy on the websites and apps, mentioned in the links posted above.