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I can see the following train journey on the Rail Europe website:

TGV #9870

09:01 Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport TGV Sat 14 Sep 11:05 to Strasbourg


12:31 Strasbourg 14:04 Bettembourg


Autocar #68413

14:19 Bettembourg 14:48 Luxembourg

Yet it isn’t shown on the Eurail Planner

I haven’t bought my Eurail pass yet as trip isn’t planned to start until mid September 2024

I believe that INOUI journeys don’t ‘qualify’ for the Eurail Pass?

How can I reserve this train journey?

All advice appreciated



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There is a trip on Eurail Planner but it’s not the above.

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Eurail passes are 100% valid on INOUI high-speed trains (run by SNCF). You do need a seat reservation though -> extra cost.

This journey would be possible but you're making a large detour (look at a map) and it'd be expensive with 2 TGV reservations.

Let me suggest this journey instead:

- RER B CDG Airport - Paris-Nord -> not included in Eurail (11€ ticket)

- 10 min easy walk

- TGV Paris-Est - Bettembourg 10:40 - 12:43 or 13:40 - 15:43 8€

Bettembourg - Luxembourg is closed that weekend due to engineering works, meaning all trains terminate in the former. Replacement buses run every 5 min or so (it works very well) but it obviously takes a bit longer.

EDIT: Even faster would be this as you skip the works. Same option 2 hours later.

- TGV CDG Airport - Lorraine TGV 09:01 - 10:25 10-20€

- Bus Lorraine TGV - Luxembourg 10:50 - 12:15 -> afaik 21€ ticket (maybe someone knows precisely)