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  • 19 February 2024
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New here and looking at a European round trip which appears to cost just over 400 euros, including London. But, if I look at travel on mainland GB it appears to cost over 600 euros.
On trains travelling from e.g. Penzance to London, can you board anywhere along it’s journey?
Asking because many places are listed.
Please forgive my ignorance, just learning and planning.


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2 replies

Oops! sorry ~ “many places are listed” should read “many places aren’t listed”

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Summer timetables aren't published yet in some countries (notably France or Italy).

The Eurail map you might've seen is totally incomplete (it should be removed imo). Is that what you mean by places not listed? There are thousands more stations and railways than those listed, don't worry.

Better to use a reliable planner like DB Navigator app, it is connected to the European database.

British train tickets are expensive, esp. last-minute. If you want flexibility get Eurail.

Here are 2 helpful links :

EDIT : Note that if you live in the UK, you'll have to get an Interrail Global Pass -> 2 days limitation in your own country.