Unreliable information on NJ469 Paris-Salzburg

Hi everyone!


I have tickets on the NJ469 next week (16/05) from Paris Est to Salzburg.


Short version: one customer representative told me the train is not leaving from Paris, but Strasbourg because of construction work; another told me that the train was not modified and would still be leaving from Paris. Does anyone have more information about this train?


This is the long version:

Initially, the train was supposed to leave at 19:12 from Paris Est. However, on 25/04 we received a (somewhat cryptic) email from ÖBB (“Information zu Ihrer Verbindung”) telling us that “Der Fahrplan Ihrer Verbindung von Paris Est (16.05.2024 19:12) nach Salzburg Hbf hat sich geändert” (i.e. there have been modifications to our train).

Looking at the online timetables, it appears that NJ469 is no longer leaving from Paris, but from Strasbourg because of construction work. Indeed, on the website, one can find this message: “NJ 469: Due to construction work, this train cannot run between Paris Est and Strasbourg. As an alternative means of transport, you can take the next scheduled train. An additional ticket is required for the onward journey. Travellers affected can find out more details at”

Shortly after that, I called the ÖBB hotline to have confirmation of the change. But the customer representative I spoke to immediately told me that the modification had been announced by mistake, that this was a “system error”, and that the train would be running as leaving from Paris Est at 19:12. I was surprised, so I insisted but the representative sounded really sure, and assured me that this was just a mistake (according to him: something about DB changing some of their timetables affecting ÖBB’s system?).

At the time, I didn’t ask for written confirmation. Because I would feel safer with a written confirmation, I wrote to ÖBB’s email support last week. But this week, they came back to me telling me “As I can see from my system, the NJ 469 cannot run from Paris Est to Strasbourg due to construction work”.

A bit confused, I called the ÖBB hotline again; and this time the customer representative I spoke to didn’t know anything about the NJ469, and told me again that the timetable showed that the train was leaving from Strasbourg.


This leaves me in a tricky situation: is the train leaving from Paris or not? If not, since the train is next week, it’s too late for me to book a French TGV from Paris to Strasbourg in the afternoon of the 16/05 (they’re all full). However my whole trip in Salzburg is planned already…


Would anyone have any information? Or advice as to whom I could ask for a definitive answer?


Thank you very much in advance, community!







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The information from ÖBB on their website is clear The Nightjet runs from Strasbourg due to construction works. 


Thanks for the reply!


I’ve seen that, but _after_ they added this to the website I’ve had an ÖBB customer rep telling me that the website was showing this automatically by mistake, that this was “a known issue”. I was wondering if anyone else had been in touch with ÖBB and had received similar information.

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@seewulf Do you know anything about this?


I have no idea if NJ 469 runs between Paris and Strasbourg or not. All the planners I can find says that it doesn’t. But I guess they all get their info from the same database.

I case it doesn’t run, you need a plan B. Most TGVs are fully booked.  Is it possible for you to leave Paris a bit earlier that planned?

There is a direct TER 39171 from Paris Est 16:35 to Strasbourg 21:21. But NJ 469 leaves Strasbourg at 21:45, so maybe that is a bit tight. I don’t know… TER’s requires no reservation.

There is also a TGV 2369 from Paris Est 13:51 to Strasbourg 15:37. Reservation is required - €10 at Notice that there is also a TGV 9575 at the exact same time. It looks like the only difference is that this train costs €20.

If you don’t want to spend several hours in Strasbourg, you can also take another TER a few minutes earlier (No reservation):
TER 39555 from Paris Est 13:42 to Belfort 17:46. Wait 20min.
TER 30431 from Belfort 18:06 to Mulhouse 18:40. Wait 36 min.
TER 96272 from Mulhouse 19:16 to Strasbourg 20:09.

Finally there is OUIGO 7693 from Paris Est 16:16 to Strasbourg 19:00. But OUIGO is not covered by Interrail, so it costs €65 for the cheapest ticket.

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@seewulf Do you know anything about this?

Sorry @AnnaB  not really active here anymore :/ 

Yeah the train wont run between Paris - Strasbourg as i can see it in the timetables :/ 

@alps_and_down  Do you have a reservation from Paris or Strasbourg for the Nightjet? In the case you have it already from Paris ÖBB should refund you for the needed reservation of a TGV or even the Ticket for the Ouigo if the TGV´s are sold out :/ In the case you have the reservation just from Strasbourg you have to manage and pay on your self for the way to Strasbourg. 

Thank you for all the replies!


Indeed, the most logical explanation is that indeed the train was really not running between Paris and Strasbourg (a bit of wishful thinking on my part!).


I had Nightjet tickets departing from Paris: thanks a lot @seewulf for the information about the possibility to get a refund for a second reservation. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find a train that would work for us, we couldn’t leave mid-afternoon.


In the end we resorted to … taking the plane to Munich and finishing the trip to Salzburg on a Railjet.


Thank you all again for the comprehensive help!

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In the end we resorted to … taking the plane to Munich and finishing the trip to Salzburg on a Railjet.

Don't forget to request a full refund of your reservations, since that journey was no longer possible for you.