• 19 February 2024
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Hello, this will be our first time to Europe and have a couple questions.  We are traveling in Aug/Sept 2024 so we have time to plan.

Our trip is 3 parts.  First part, arrive in London and travel to Edinburgh by train - travel around Scotland for 4 days and then train back to London.

Part 2, fly from London to Budapest for 3 or 4 days.

Part 3, travel from Budapest by train, probably going Salzburg, Munich, Zurich, and ending in Basel.  Spending a night in each city.

Does a 4-7 day Eurail pass make sense (which would cover the London to Edinburgh legs, as well as Budapest to Basel), or would it be easier to just buy tickets as we go?  Days of travel will be known and our schedule will be flexible as far as train times are concerned.

If we do go with a pass, is a paper pass easier to work with?  I’ve been reading reviews about issues with the app, wifi, etc. I can’t find much information on what you do with the paper pass when you are ready to board a train.

Thank you!


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Eurail would definitely be good value : flexibility guaranteed while last-minute tickets are rather expensive, esp. in the UK…

You could get a 1st class pass if budget isn't tight : more space, less busy and food will be included on LNER (London - Edinburgh).

Are you planning to do day trips in the Alps? Then I'd get a 7 day pass, otherwise a 5 day one will be enough.

Seat reservations are free of charge in the UK and cheap in the other countries you've mentioned. They're optional but during peak season you might have to stand if you don't have one.

Seat reservations are unnecessary in Switzerland and a waste of money.

General guide :

With a paper pass : you log each train you're about to board on a sheet of paper/logbook. Should be explained here :