urgent: when ticket is scanned it shows the wrong travel day

  • 30 June 2023
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Me and my friend are currently on a train from Amsterdam to Berlin, and we have activated our travel day as today (30/6/23), my ticket scans fine but when the ticket conductor scans my friend’s ticket, it says it’s invalid as her travel day is tomorrow (1/7/23), even though on the app, the travel day is shown as 30/6/23 (today), not 1/7/23 (tomorrow). We have tried changing her journey, deactivating and reactivating the travel day, and it keeps scanning as the wrong day. Please send advice urgently. 


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Below the QR code you should see "Valid on”. If today's date is shown below that, then the pass is valid, regardless of what the ticket inspector says. Friendly insist that the pass is valid. If the ticket inspector doesn't agree with that, then don't pay anything in the train, but they should give (in the Netherlands) an "Uitstel van betaling” (Deferred payment) or (in Germany) a "Fahrpreisnacherhebung”. That means you give a form of identification and anything else is cleared with the railway's customer service.

Also please create a request for Interrail customer service here:

Indicate that you are currently travelling and also include a screenshot of your QR code (with the date below showing) and ask them if anything could be wrong with it.