Use of Interrail Pass QR code at Amsterdam Centraal Gates

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I was checking Amsterdam Centraal | A  brief station guide ( , where it is written I can use Interail/Eurail QR code to go through gate pass. I want to utilize Interail pass for Amsterdam Centraal to Zaane Sachan trip via Sprinter.  Since this journey doesn't require a seat reservation, I would be going thru gates by Mobile Interail pass only. Now i have 3 passes in one mobile for 3 passengers. How other will scan the code if I will go through first with my mobile (and other two pass QR code in it) . Littel confusing. Could someone help here.




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You pass them your phone.

That's one of the reasons why we usually suggest that everyone has the pass on their own phone. Obviously for little children it's different and they can go with you.

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You just go last instead of first. Scan the QRcode for the first of your fellow travellers and let them pass the gate, scan the second code and let the person pass, and then you scan your code last.

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Altough your question is answered already, I like to state, it’s not a QR code, but an Aztec one! :)