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  • 16 April 2024
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I’m planning my trip to the UK right now and I’m a bit confused about the public transport. 

I found a list which lists all the different train companies I can use with Interrail but can I use these only on a travel day? (this is the list btw: Railway Companies |

So for example if I’m in London for two nights, I’ll have one day (in the middle) which isn’t a travel day. Can I still use the public transport on this day or will I have to buy a ticket additional to the Interrail pass? (I have the global pass)

It would be lovely if someone could help me with this :) 

Lots of greetings


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In general, city transport isn’t covered.  There are some exceptions where the service is run by a national rail operator or where local and mainline trains share the same central corridor.

It’s probably included in the list above, but as far as I know in London the Elizabeth line *is* covered, but most other things like the tube aren’t covered.

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You can only use it on on a travel day. The trains are just like any other train: you must add each one to your Trip, even if it’s only 5 minute hop.

The main lines you can use are Elizabeth Line, London Overground, Thameslink, as well as some commuter lines (mostly in South London, which aren’t of much interest to tourists).

For tube/ bus/ DLR/ tram, as well as for any travel on the middle day, you can use a contactless credit or debit card. You’ll benefit from price-capping when you use a contactless card. 

Thanks so much for the quick answer 😊