Viaje de novios por centro-este de Europa

  • 5 October 2023
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Hello to all of you! I apologize in advance if something is not perfectly understood, as my native language is Spanish and I am using the help of a translator:

I am coming to this blog because I am getting married the second week of April and we are planning to go to Eastern Europe for our honeymoon. We had thought of taking a plane to Prague and from there we would take a 5-day pass in a month and visit Bratislava, Busapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana and finish in Vienna, where we would take a plane back to Spain.
The truth is that we are a bit afraid of venturing on a trip like this because we don't know the area and we haven't done any similar trip, but at the same time we are very excited about it.
I wanted to know if you think it's a good trip to do in 15 days (spending approximately 3 days in each country, although we could make stops taking advantage of the interrail day in other cities) and basically any advice you could give me is really welcome: anything we need to know about offers or economic issues (for example for the countries that don't use the euro we are thinking of using Revolut), if it's a lot of trouble regarding trains and seat reservations? I don't know, everything you can think of!

Thank you very much in advance.


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I forgot to mention that we would like to book as much as possible regarding trains, hostels and so on, so I would also like to know if it is possible to know everything about trains so far in advance (between now and April), because the booking of accommodation also depends on the trains.

Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience!

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So some advice :

I don't think a pass is the best choice for your trip, especially if you're fine with booking tickets in advance and do not require flexibility.

You cannot book tickets now : the booking generally opens 2-3 months in advance. However it's not an issue, the timetable is fixed and trains definitely run every day between those cities.

Advance tickets are very cheap in this part of Europe, you could easily buy 1st class tickets. Always book through the railway company.

Some examples :

- Prague - Bratislava : 374 CZK (15.30€) 2nd class or 697 CZK (28.50€) 1st class through

- Budapest - Ljubljana : 16€ on

I would cut Zagreb from the list, it's not worth your time. There is at least a daily Budapest - Ljubljana train.

A lot of people stay in Vienna and make a day trip to Bratislava. You could of course decide to stay in both cities.

There is a Prague - Budapest night train too : I'd recommend a private compartment (they're not expensive).

Do not hesitate for questions.

Thank you very much for all your help.

We will rethink the trip taking into account what you have told us.

If I have any other questions, I'll post them here! :)