We don't want to miss anything "unmissable"

  • 29 November 2023
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We’re after a little further help planning our first, and likely last, trip to Europe in April/May, 48 days, flying into Rome and out of London. Because we’re in our mid 60’s, we need fewer stops, longer stays. We’ve purchased a 15-travel-day Eurail pass and already had some incredibly valuable advice from this web site, and we’re just trying to make sure our plan is sensible & we’re not missing something “unmissable”.

We love the old architecture of Europe, mountains, lakes, scenery and wildlife, not so much the beach scene. The places on our “must see” list are as follows, listed in the order we are thinking about traveling:


Lake Como.

The Swiss alps – recommended was the Bernina & Albula railways between Tirano and Chur.


Pordenone – I have family there so it’s 5 nights taken



The road from Dijon to the outskirts of Paris, which we hope to drive.   

I can make all the above work, but it’s a messy zig zag Como to Chur to Tirano to Venice, and I am not sure if I am missing too much Zurich to Chur.

Another place that’s in my current plan is Prague, between Venice and Vienna but not sure if that makes sense. Also, should we try to squeeze in Berlin and/or Amsterdam, or is that going to be just a lot more of the same?


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27 replies

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It may not be the best place to ask, but I’ll ask anyway.

Our last stop is going to be 5 nights in London, May 22 - 25. The only plan we have is to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. By then, we’ll probably be tired and so it may be wise to stay somewhere close to public transport, if we want to go somewhere, yet close to eateries if we want to stay in for a day or two. If we stay close to city centre, we’ll end up with a shoe box but if we stay further out of town, we might be able to get a more comfortable unit. Any suggestions? We don’t know where the train lines run or what suburbs to avoid. 

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