What is "My interrail trip" and why it was added automatically immediately after purchase ??

  • 13 October 2023
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Hello, I've just bought a 2-month, 15-day global pass because I want to do an all-Europe tour in November and December.

I downloaded the app, I added my pass (WITHOUT ACTIVATING IT AT THE INSTANT)
SO on the app I have a trip called "Tour d'europe" with the pass linked to it.

But when I go to the website and log in then go to trip I have "My Interrail trip" which has been added automatically! I can't delete it, I don't know what it is and ESPECIALLY it says :

Start date - October 13, 2023

End date - November 12, 2024

But what does this end date ???? correspond to? Have I done something wrong? Will I lose my pass on November 12? Why doesn't my trip on the app appear on the website?

Please i need help i don’t know what to do and i don’t understand why i have this “My Interail Trip” that ends on Nov 12 on the website :/


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Ah, I think I've understood... I've just seen that the end date is 2024...
So I guess that corresponds to the validity date of the pass during which I can use it?

Sorry for the inconvenience, this is the first time I plan to do this, I'm a bit stressed with all the things to take into account haha 😅