Which pass is applicable to my plan?

  • 25 March 2024
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Here is my quick overview of my travel plan.  Please advise which pass is applicable as I check from Eurail site, it says 5 travel days.  


Day 1

Journey 1: Paris - Gelsenkirchen (Germany) within the same day

Journey 2: Gelsenkirchen (Germany) - Berlin within the same day


Day 2 (not consecutive from day 1)

Journey 3: Berlin - Konstanz within the same day


Day 3 (not consecutive from day 2)

Journey 4: Konstanz - Zurich within the same day


But system says that I have 5 travel days, which is very surprising to me.  


Your help would be appreciated 

2 replies

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Ignore that pass selector, it gives nonsense results.

The shortest length global pass is 4 days but I would suggest you look at the price for regular tickets for those journeys first as it may be cheaper than a pass and reservations.


Use www.bahn.com for Germany and for the Paris - Germany, also look at www.sncf-connect.com and  www.raileurope.com for that leg as French and German railways offer different prices for cross-border trains.

www.sbb.ch for  Konstanz to Zurich as Swiss trains run directly from there.

Thx for your suggestion.  I checked the price for leg Paris Germany and there was a result from bahn.de that I should go to interrail.com to check the price.  

I will try sncf website and raileurope.com.  

thx a lot 👍🏽🙏🏽