Why are all TER busses and trains unavailable on a route

  • 27 November 2023
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Trying to book a train or bus from Montmelian to albertville on 7 Dec, but nothing is available?

The same form Albertville to Bourg St Maurice station on 8 Dec.

Is there something happening on these lines? Surely there must be an alternative?


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What do you mean by booking ? Reservations are not possible on buses, simply log the bus to the app like a train and hop on.

Your pass is valid. If the driver is confused tell them it is a valid SNCF ticket.

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The app incorrectly claims for many, if not all, TER buses that reservations are mandatory. However, that is nonsense.

This is what I’m seeing for all times and dates:



So does this mean, you can’t reserve and you just pitch up and buy a ticket or does this mean the line is full and/or not running?

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I suppose that's SNCF making their customers’ life difficult. Nothing new unfortunately.

These TERs can't sell out.

Edit: there are engineering works on that line. The timetables shown seem correct and are TER replacement buses. There may be a problem with the module that looks up the fares.