Will the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel accident affect my Venice - Vienna train?

  • 21 August 2023
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My train from Vienna to Venice leaves at around 6 am in the morning on the 7th of September. Will that train be affected by the derailment accident of the Swiss Gotthard Tunnel?

Then name of my train is RJ 131 and I think its route is only Vienna to Venice, if I did my research correctly. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and I'd love some clarity on my doubts!


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3 replies

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No. There is no reason that train would be effected.

It is an entirely different route hundreds of miles away from the Gotthard line.

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This train doesn’t pass through Switzerland, but 250 à 300 km east from the Gotthard Tunnel. Your journey won’t be affected.

Thank you so much guys!