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  • 20 November 2023
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Dear all!

This more a question of common understanding the Interrail-Ticket System...

At the moment the 10-days-global-pass is on sale. But, just to get it right, I will only have one day for leaving my home country and one day for travelling back. I cannot make more sereval smaller trips. E.g. I will go to Sweden (in my case from Germany) and come back home, after let´s say 5 days. Then, after three weeks more, I will travel from my home town to Italy. This is not possible, as there is just one travel day for leaving the home country and one coming back. All the other 8 travel days need to be laid between leaving and coming back. Do I get this right?

Thank you for feedback!
Bye, Stephan


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Yes exactly : on 2 of your pass days you can travel in your home country. These days can happen at any time so use them for long journeys to the border.

You’ll have to buy a ticket to the border point or first stop after the border (whichever is cheaper) or since you’re talking of Germany feel free to use your Deutschlandticket. Example : if you live in Hamburg it’s easy to reach Flensburg by regional train.


Ah… ok… this sounds interesting… So, if I would buy a standard ticket (or the mentioned ‘Deutschlandticket’) to the border station (or maybe 1st station next to the border like e.g. Salzburg (AT), Strasbourg (FR), Cheb (CZ), etc. and then use the interrail ticket (for sure in the validity time of the ticket), then it would be possible to make more several trips and not only one big trip…Right?

Thank you!

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Yes, you can make as many trips as you like. You just have to buy a ticket to the border after you’ve used your two days.

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Yes sure that’s possible. Only be aware of the border points which sometimes are in the middle of nowhere : either you buy a flexible ticket to that border point (only available at ticket counters) or an advance ticket to the first planned stop after the border. I’d recommend reading :

For example it’s not an issue to use your Deutschlandticket until Salzburg or Basel Bad Bf (I’ve done it recently!).


Thank you very much for your help!